Integrated 媒体 Arts Production (M.F.A.)


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Admission Requirements:

  • A completed graduate application form, including a $55 non-refundable application fee
  • A 250-500 word essay discussing your goals and objectives for pursuing admission to the degree program to which you are applying
  • Official transcripts from all previous U.S. colleges attended or official 南汽 course-by-course evaluation of any foreign transcripts* 
  • Official documentation of 英语 Language Proficiency (托福/雅思)
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation, preferably from previous instructors or professionals in 媒体/Art
  • Professional Resume or CV
  • 一个投资组合
    • 3-10 pieces (short form or non-time-based pieces might number 10; time-based pieces might number fewer)
    • A link to online portfolio/website (preferred) or in digital form on a DVD or standard USB drive. A binder with color prints is also acceptable.
    • All 媒体 should be accompanied by document listing the title, 媒介, 大小, and date of each corresponding 艺术work.
    • Must be directly sent to the Graduate Coordinator of the 媒体 Art Dep艺术ment at

*Note: NJCU does not evaluate international transcripts. In lieu of a transcript, applicants with a non-U.S. degree need to submit a course-by-course evaluation from a 南汽 Accredited Member 包括你.S. bachelor’s degree equivalency information for their coursework.


  • Must have BA/BFA degree in the fields of 媒体 艺术, 艺术, graphic/communication design, video, 摄影, 电影, 动画, 新媒体, architecture or other related degrees in 艺术, 媒体, 或设计.
  • Applicants without above degree but have related field experience.

Application 的最后期限s*:

Domestic Applicants:
术语 的最后期限
春天 12月1日
秋天  7月1日
International Applicants:
术语 的最后期限
春天 11月1日
秋天  3月1日

*的最后期限s are subject to change. 的最后期限 extensions may be granted on a case by case. Please contact Graduate 招生 for more information 


We encourage you to contact graduate admissions with questions about our graduate programs, to get answers to your graduate application questions, or to schedule a visit to NJCU.

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Phone: (201) 200-3409
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