欢迎来到NJCU研究生社区! Below you will find important information to help you navigate your next steps to complete your enrollment and prepare for a successful semester!

如果您有任何问题,请联系研究生招生 gradadmissions@mrshaydenworld.com or (201) 200-3409.

It is important that we know your enrollment intentions to better assist you with your next steps in the admission process please fill out 出这个 接受回复形式 .

Please be sure to review your admissions packet carefully for any conditions of enrollment, 或者你需要提交的最终官方文件. If you are currently enrolled in graduate or undergraduate coursework at another institution, please be sure to submit a final official transcript for any coursework in progress prior to the start of classes. 完成学业后,方可入读本校研究生, 成绩没有明显下降, 在你的研究生申请被审查的所有学术工作中. Final transcripts must include certification of any diplomas or degrees you indicated on your graduate application. 如果您有任何问题,请联系大学招生办 gradadmissions@mrshaydenworld.com or 201-200-3409.


所有新生都必须提交 NJCU入学健康记录, which is used to establish a student's medical file and document compliance with state immunization laws. Please be sure to prioritize the submission of your health records to avoid holds being placed on your account or being dropped from your classes. 


从8月8日那周开始, 2022, NJCU will no longer require students to be vaccinated as a condition of enrollment or in-person instruction. 然而, federal regulations may still require students who work in specific settings to be vaccinated, 在符合条件的情况下接受加强剂, 上传他们的健康信息.

需要接种疫苗: 国际学生, 本校, and residential students must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series (or a single dose series). 该要求适用于每一位国际、居民和运动员,但以下情况除外:

  • 那些完全登记的 在线学位课程 不提供校内指导、活动或服务 
  • 根据新泽西州法律获得医疗或宗教豁免的人

有关疫苗接种规定的最新资料,请 请访问bt365电子平台的健康和健康中心网站. If you have any questions, please contact the NJCU 健康 and 健康中心 at 201-200-3456 or hwc@mrshaydenworld.com 


NJCU policy requires comprehensive health insurance coverage for all matriculated students who are registered full-time and enrolled in a degree-seeking program. (Graduate student full-time enrollment is defined as 9 or more credits each semester).

Please note: Students enrolled in a fully online program are exempt from this requirement.


  • 使用现有的医疗保险计划,或者
  • 参加大学资助的学生健康保险计划(SHIP).

要放弃或注册大学健康保险,你必须 访问健康和健康中心在这里获得详细的说明和最后期限. 如果你们有问题, 请致电201-200-3456或电邮: hwc@mrshaydenworld.com


GothicNet is the NJCU student portal where you are able to view important University Information such as your Class Schedule, 金融援助, 的付款信息, 导师信息, 和更多的. 您也可以在您的GothicNet帐户中自行注册课程. 被录取的学生将通过电子邮件发送更新的密码 GothicNet 附上你的NJCU邮箱地址. 如果您在登录时遇到困难或找不到更新的密码,您可以 重置你的哥特网密码 

联系学生技术帮助台201-200-3350, helpdesk@mrshaydenworld.com 或访问 mrshaydenworld.com/IT 寻求帮助.

电子邮件是学校与所有学生的官方沟通方式. Your professors will email you here and it is where you will receive all important University information and announcements. 您将不再收到发送到您的个人或工作电子邮件帐户的电子邮件. 

请访问 mrshaydenworld.com/email 并按照列出的步骤来访问您的新 NJCU邮件 

如果您遇到任何问题,请联系NJCU帮助台201-253-4357或 helpdesk@mrshaydenworld.com

Course registration for new graduate students typically begins in mid-October for spring term; and early March for summer and fall terms. You will hear from us via email and text message when it is time for you to register! 

在此期间,你可以去参观 大学研究生学术日历r for specific dates and deadlines related to course registration, course withdrawals 和更多的. 

清算是适用的: 如果你或你的导师在注册课程时遇到了问题, 这可能是因为你的账户上有你还没有清理的东西. 最常见的是财务披露协议, which all students are required to read and acknowledge prior to course registration. 如欲查看/清舱,请登入你的 GothicNet  帐户,然后点击“我的任务”. 在那里你会发现任何保留或“待做”项目.

课程的问题:  如果你们有问题 about which courses you should be registering for, please contact your 研究生学术顾问 制定你的课程计划.

注册问题: 如果你对如何注册或退课有疑问, 请致电201-200-3333或电邮至 Registrar@mrshaydenworld.com 详细的信息, including step-by-step instructions on how to view course offerings and self-register online, 可在 mrshaydenworld.com/registrar

Your assigned academic advisor will serve as an important contact for you throughout your graduate school experience. 如果您对选课有任何疑问,请与您的导师联系, 课程计划, 提供院系奖学金或实习机会, 等. 查看 研究生学术顾问 获取最新联络资料.

要估计你的学期费用,请参考 研究生学费和其他费用 图表查看当前学年的学费信息.

除了NJCU负担得起的学费, 你可能会有资金支持的机会 贷款、奖学金或研究生助教奖学金 帮你支付研究生的学费. bt365电子平台建议您尽早提交FAFSA,以最大化 金融援助 您可以选择的选项.

在注册课程时,将生成一个学期账单. Students will receive an email at their NJCU邮件 account once the bill is ready to view on GothicNet. 如果没有收到邮件, please make sure to double check your GothicNet account to ensure you completed the class registration process.

网上定期账单支付可通过 GothicNet 信用卡/借记卡. bt365电子平台强烈建议你去参观 学生帐目办公室 有关付款截止日期的最新资料, 增加/取消课程的截止日期, 以及其他相关信息.

如果您对您的定期账单有其他问题, 包括支付方案选项, please contact the 学生帐目办公室 (Bursar’s Office) at 201-200-3045 or by email at bursar@mrshaydenworld.com.


The 哥特卡 is the official photo identification card for bt365电子平台. 哥特卡用于获取你的借记卡账户和膳食计划. 它也被用作您的大楼/房间访问钥匙和图书馆特权. 一张活跃的哥特卡就是你加入NJCU的证明.

请浏览部门网页 获取更多关于如何接收您的哥特ID的信息. 

您的哥特卡可以在 校园卡服务 located in the Hepburn Hall, Room 114; office hours are Monday through Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. 四点半p.m. 如需更多信息,请发送电子邮件: GothicCard@mrshaydenworld.com 或致电(201)200-2273 (CARD)

主校区: 如果你打算开车去学校, 校园里有几个停车场,每天收费不同. Please observe the Jersey City Parking Regulations if you choose to park on the city streets. 如果你打算乘坐公共交通工具,这里有一些 公共交通 当你计划前往NJCU主校区时,可以考虑这些选择. 查看停车设施及图则 请访问停车和交通网站.

生意人: 因为商学院位于泽西城的海滨, 停车选择更有限. 学生可以选择将车停在主校区内,或自行取用 前往海滨的公共交通工具, or you may pre-purchase parking at a discounted student rate from a third-party parking company for $5.00日常. NJCU的停车折扣贴纸只在下午4点后有效,至美东时间晚上11点. 停车场公司的标准收费将适用于下午4点之前. 

在港畔购买折扣停车贴纸, please visit the SP+ Parking Management Office located on the first floor inside the SP + Parking Plaza 5新泽西州泽西城5号广场110号. You will need your NJCU student ID card (哥特卡) to purchase parking at the NJCU student discounted rate. After you purchase your pre-paid discounted stickers at Plaza 5, you will park your vehicle at the LM Plaza 4A Parking, located at 18 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ.

蒙茅斯堡: If you are taking any classes down at our Fort Monmouth location in Monmouth County, NJ, 停车是免费的!  NJCU@Fort Monmouth is located at Squier Hall, 283 Sherrill Avenue, Oceanport, NJ 07757.

The Office of International 项目 works very closely with newly admitted graduate students on the student visa documentation process and provides various support services for enrolled students. 如需更多信息,请访问 国际学生 页面或联系 Craig Katz,国际项目主任, at ckatz@mrshaydenworld.com. 


如果你打算在攻读研究生学位期间住在学校,你必须 提交居住申请 为了占有一席之地. 如果您有任何问题,请联系宿舍生活 reslife@mrshaydenworld.com or 201-200-2338.


The 专门事务厅 (OSS) serves as a resource for students with mobility, 愿景, 听力, 学习, and other disabilities that may require campus/classroom accommodations and/or academic support. 如需更多信息,请访问 专门事务厅 页面.


The Office of 军队和退伍军人服务 assists NJCU students who are veterans of the U.S. 武装部队和可能有资格获得各种福利和资源. 有关更多信息, 请访问他们的网页.


The 健康 and 健康中心 offers preventive and primary care services to help NJCU students stay healthy, 无论保险. 如需更多信息,请访问 健康和健康中心页面.


心理咨询中心为全校学生提供免费保密服务, 由合格的, 有经验的专业人士. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 咨询中心 页面.


没找到你要找的东西? NJCU提供的其他资源和服务可以在 NJCU网站 或者bt365电子平台鼓励你咨询你的 研究生学术顾问.