About the NJCU P-3 Alternate Route

New Pathways does not offer P-3 Certification courses. However, NJCU has a separate P-3 Alternate Route Program.

The NJCU P-3 Alternate Route provides a process for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) to become licensed teachers by taking classes while they are doing their first two years of teaching. This program is run through the Early Childhood Department at NJCU. It is regulated and approved by the N.J. Department of Education (DOE). 
Here’s how the P-3 program works:

Step 1:

  • Candidates apply to the NJDOE for a Certificate of Eligibility. This allows the candidate to get an alternate route teaching job. How to apply for a CE.
    • Getting a CE requires that you have a college degree (undergraduate or graduate) with a gpa of 3.0 or higher.
    • You must pass the Praxis Core Tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.
    • You must pass the Praxis II in Early Childhood Education.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Candidates begin teaching in the Provisional Teacher Program and concurrently take an additional 350 hours (24 credits) of alternate route classes. See class information in the catalog. These courses are part of the Graduate School at NJCU and must be taken for credit. They are not part of New Pathways.
  • Candidates must teach for two years with successful evaluations, complete a year of mentoring, and complete the alternate route classes in order to apply for a Standard Certificate to teach in New Jersey.


The P-3 alternate route program is 24 graduate credits or 400 hours of instruction over four semesters. The 50-hour, Introduction to Teaching class is offered online at NJCU as well as participating community colleges throughout New Jersey. NJCU offers all four semesters of the P-3 program entirely online.


The P-3 program is only offered for graduate credit. Graduate tuition is based on the NJCU Board of Trustees and subject to change. The NJCU Masters Programs that accept NPTNJ credits provides additional information. The current tuition rates can be found here.


Apply for the P-3 Alternate Route at NJCU here

CONTACT: For more information about the P-3 Alternate Route Program, contact Dr. Sai Jambunathan at 201-200-2114 or sjambunathan@mrshaydenworld.com